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As the United Arab Emirates searches for eco-friendly solutions, more and more people are choosing premium electric vehicles (EVs). There is a rising demand for EV charging installations in private villas, which require charging at home at maximum power to minimize charging time. Additionally, the charger should complement the design of the building and the car.

PARTNER - SMF EV Charging Solutions

SMF EV Charging Solutions is a specialized provider of EV charging solutions, offering a complete range of AC chargers in the United Arab Emirates.


The rising demand for EVs in the United Arab Emirates necessitates home and villa charging installations, enabling owners to quickly charge their EVs at home. Villas, homes, and cars in the United Arab Emirates often exhibit premium class and design, requiring an EV charger that matches the aesthetics of both the home and the car and offers a premium look.

The charger needs to be user-friendly and equipped with a mobile app for remote control of the charging process. Additionally, as EV chargers might be located outside the garage, the charger should withstand the harsh Dubai heat and operate at full power under these conditions.


Owners of villas have chosen the TeltoCharge 22 kW version due to its fast charging capability for premium class cars. The charger is favored for its compact size and premium design, which perfectly complements the style of the villas and cars. Recognizing the demanding climate of Dubai, the charger's quality build is supported by IK10 and IP56 protection, capable of withstanding temperatures reaching up to +50ºC. Smart features, from data tracking in the mobile app for insightful analytics to NFC card integration, ensure a hassle-free charging experience.


  • The chargers blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of the villas and cars.
  • Built to last, the chargers are reliable even in Dubai's harsh weather, ensuring consistent performance and availability, which is crucial for maintaining quality and convenience.
  • Offering an easy experience, the chargers allow owners to enjoy hassle-free charging, complete with app integration for data tracking.
  • TeltoCharge offers fast and easy installation, thanks to its plug-and-play capability


Here at Teltonika, we develop the future of e-mobility charging while combining elegant style with maximum performance. As a well-known European manufacturer, our commitment is to delivering smart, reliable products, ensuring customer satisfaction, and advancing green energy solutions.

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