EV charging at the Hampton by Hilton hotel


Businesses like hotels are adapting to the rise of e-mobility by integrating eco-friendly EV charging solutions, enhancing customer convenience, and affirming their commitment to sustainability. This shift towards greener practices reflects a broader trend of technological adaptation and environmental responsibility.


In 2023, the Hampton by Hilton hotel in Al Barsha recognized the need to adapt to the expanding electric vehicle (EV) and Plug-In hybrid market. Starting the search for the right EV charging station, came challenges in finding a solution that would combine smart features and blend in with the hotel's current aesthetic.

The chargers needed to be easy-to-use for guests, offering a seamless charging experience. Additionally, given the hotel's location in Dubai, the equipment had to be exceptionally durable to withstand the extreme heat and harsh climate conditions. Aiming to implement a system that would upgrade the hotel's facilities for guests with EV cars and enhance their overall experience without suffering any aesthetic or functional loss.


Regeny is a specialized EV charging solutions provider with the complete range of AC & DC fast chargers connected with a smart charge point management platform and a Mobile App.


Hampton by Hilton hotel chose TeltoCharge 22 kW version, seeing as it’s compact design and swappable front plates make it perfect for the hotel's style. With OCPP 1.6 connectivity, the charger is easy to use and allows guests to quickly and effortlessly charge their vehicles.

Recognizing the demanding climate of Dubai, the charger quality build is supported by IK10 and IP55 protection, withstanding temperatures reaching up to +50ºC. Supporting solar energy, the charger also fits the hotel's plans for a sustainable future, complete with dynamic load balancing (DLB) for smart power use.

Smart features, from data tracking for insightful analytics to NFC card connectivity for smooth payments, ensure a hassle-free charging experience. With a full list of certifications and dedicated local support, charger exceeded Hilton expectations.



  • The chargers blend seamlessly with the hotel's aesthetic, enhancing the luxurious ambiance without compromising on style or the overall guest experience.
  • Built to last, chargers are reliable even in Dubai's harsh weather, ensuring consistent performance and availability for guests, which is crucial for maintaining quality and convenience.
  • Offering an easy experience, the chargers allow guests to enjoy hassle-free charging, complete with app integration, NFC availability, and 24/7 customer support.
  • TeltoCharge offers fast and easy installation, thanks to its plug-and-play availability.


Here at Teltonika Energy, we develop the future of e-mobility charging while combining elegant style with maximum performance. As a well-known European manufacturer, our commitment is to delivering smart, reliable products, ensuring customer satisfaction, and advancing green energy solutions.

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