Teltonika Energy has released the TeltoCharge UK version

August 16, 2023

At Teltonika Energy, we remain deeply attuned to regional necessities. It is this commitment that has led to the launch of the TeltoCharge UK version. Our aim is to meet the needs of the United Kingdom market: covering demand, technical specifications, and regulatory aspects.


PEN Fault Protection

The PEN fault protection acts as an indispensable safeguard for electrical systems. In the event of anomalies within the wiring, this mechanism ensures the mitigation of potential hazards, preserving the integrity and functionality of the system.

CT Clamps or External Energy Meter Support

The provision for CT (Current Transformer) clamps and external energy meters affords users the precision of monitoring their energy consumption meticulously, thereby allowing for enhanced energy management and conservation.

Solar Charging Support

This feature facilitates the utilization of solar charging, an eco-friendly and sustainable energy source, ensuring a reduction in carbon emissions and promoting environmental conservation.

Dynamic Load Balancing

Manages power distribution, ensuring that electrical loads are evenly and efficiently distributed, preventing system overloads and ensuring optimal performance.

OZEV Compliance

Adherence to OZEV standards signifies that our product meets and exceeds rigorous safety, quality, and performance benchmarks, attesting to its reliability.

The TeltoCharge UK version showcases Teltonika Energy commitment to regional demands. From essential electrical safety to green energy support and OZEV compliance, we bring a comprehensive and quality solution to the United Kingdom market.

Other specifications:

  • 7,4 kW power option.
  • Tethered and untethered options.
  • OCPP 1.6 support.
  • CE & UKCA certified.
  • 36 months warranty.
  • Tamper-protection boundary.
  • Integral 6mA DC leakage detection (IEC62955), external RCD Type A required.
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