Dynamic Load Management with Leader-Follower Function

July 21, 2023

In this article, we'll unravel the concept of Dynamic Load Management for electric vehicle charging, focusing on Leader-Follower functionality. We'll talk about the benefits it brings, and look at some real-world examples of how and where it can be used.


Understanding Dynamic Load Management with Leader-Follower Function

Dynamic load management in electric vehicle charging is a system that wisely distributes power among multiple charging stations, responding to the overall demand and supply in the grid. The Leader-Follower functionality enhances this process.

In a Leader-Follower arrangement, a primary charging point (the Leader) directs one or more secondary charging points (the Follower). The Leader charger determines power allocation to each of the Follower chargers by interpreting the data collated from them. This system ensures an optimal load on the grid and guarantees efficient use of available power.

The Advantages of Dynamic Load Management with Leader-Follower Function

1. Optimized Power Distribution: The Leader-Follower functionality allows the effective allocation of power across multiple charging points. This ensures that each vehicle charges as efficiently as possible without overloading the system.

2. Scalability: This structure permits the easy inclusion or exclusion of charging points without extensive infrastructure modifications, offering an affordable scalability solution.

3. Load Balancing: The system is adept at balancing the load in real time based on demand from different EVs and the supply from the grid. This mechanism helps to prevent grid instability and reduces the risk of power cuts or tripping.

4. Maximized Grid Capacity: By intelligently managing power allocation, the Leader-Follower functionality enables maximum utilization of the available grid capacity. This process leads to reduced energy wastage and heightened efficiency.

5. Cost Savings: The system can considerably reduce energy costs through efficient power management. It can utilize off-peak hours for cheaper power or draw from renewable energy sources when available, leading to substantial savings.

Use cases of Leader-Follower Functionality

1. Public Charging Stations: In public charging locations with multiple points, such as shopping malls or extensive parking lots, the Leader-Follower functionality can proficiently manage power allocation among different EVs, maintaining an optimal load on the grid.

2. Residential Complexes: In residential structures with shared parking, the Leader-Follower functionality can ensure all EVs are charged without overloading the building's power infrastructure.

3. Workplaces: For workplaces offering multiple EV charging points, our system can astutely manage the charging demand during peak hours and distribute power efficiently.

4. Fleet Charging: For businesses with large fleets of EVs, such as taxi services or delivery companies, the Leader-Follower functionality can manage and prioritize charging needs based on each vehicle's schedules and battery status.

5. Renewable Energy Integration: For places integrated with renewable energy sources like solar, the Leader-Follower functionality can smartly distribute renewable energy among different charging points, maximizing the use of green energy.

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