TeltoCharge added to the EECA's EV Smart Charger Approved List

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June 20, 2024

The Teltonika EV Charger (TeltoCharge) has officially been added to the EECA EV Smart Charger Approved List in New Zealand.

This recognition underscores our commitment to providing world class charging solutions that meet the rigorous standards set by New Zealand's Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (EECA).


Understanding The EECA and the Recommended Smart EV charger List

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) plays a crucial role in promoting sustainable energy use in New Zealand, including through its EECA EV Smart Charger Approved List.

This initiative acknowledges that not all EV chargers are created equal. The EECA carefully selects chargers based on their efficiency, reliability, and capability for two-way communication between the charger and the electricity grid.

These features ensure optimal charging efficiency for users and contribute to the long-term stability of the national electricity grid.

How TeltoCharge Earned its Place as a Recommended Electric Vehicle Charger

Teltonika's TeltoCharge, has secured its position on the EECA recommended list thanks to its exceptional performance and reliability. Our chargers are equipped with cutting-edge smart technology, offering the following benefits:


Efficiency: Optimal charging that minimises energy waste and enhances charging speeds.

Cost Savings: The ability to switch between on and off-peak charging times and integrate solar power significantly reduces charging expenses for EV owners.

Safety & Security: Built-in safety features protect both the vehicle and the charger itself, while security measures safeguard owners against energy theft.

Smart Features: Our intuitive mobile application enables complete device control, from scheduling charging sessions to optimising the use of clean energy.

Versatility: Designed for residential, commercial, and public installations, our chargers meet diverse charging requirements. They are customizable and easily integrate with other applications and software platforms.

Teltonika Energy EV Chargers stand out for their comprehensive features that enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure secure, user-friendly operation across various settings.

Our Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability

At Teltonika Energy, our dedication to advancing global sustainable energy solutions is reflected in every aspect of our business, from our product's design and features, to how we manufacture.

Being included on the EECA EV Smart Charger Approved List in New Zealand underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality and innovative EV charging technology that meet stringent efficiency and reliability standards.

We are excited to play a role in New Zealand's efforts to reduce carbon emissions and promote cleaner, more efficient energy use. By offering versatile and reliable EV charging solutions, we aim to support individuals, businesses, and communities in their transition to sustainable transportation.

Curious about how Teltonika Energy EV Chargers can benefit your specific needs? Contact our local team to discover more.

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