TeltoCharge Integration with Clenergy EV Software

July 10, 2024

Clenergy EV has become available on TeltoCharger after passing technical integration testing. The software will be readily available on all TeltoCharger versions, as well as on future chargers currently in development for business and commercial use.


Why is this important?

Integration with Clenergy EV software means that partners can get more from TeltoCharge.

For business: software allows for a single centralised management platform to gain complete overview of your network. That comes with real-time analytics to give easy visibility on things like profit, energy used, CO2 saved; remote maintenance tools to ensure reliability; in-built load management to ensure you get the most out of your sites and more.

Add to that the option to allow fleet drivers to roam across a 250,000 charger network throughout the UK and Europe.

You can find a more comprehensive breakdown of all the features that Clenergy EV software has to offer on product page here.

For EV owners, charging at home: drivers can track expenses easily with integration with popular energy providers like Octopus, as well as access support from UK-based contact team to help resolve any issues as and when they arise.


Why choose TeltoCharge?

With TeltoCharge, you get an EV charger that is highly customizable to fit the design and requirements of any place. With five front plate color options, including Accoya wood, and the ability to easily swap the front plate on demand, the charger can adapt to any building design and seamlessly blend with the environment.

Ideally suited for residential, shopping malls, workplaces, and hotels, the charger's sleek design, future-proof features, and OCPP compatibility makes it the perfect option for residential and commercial EV charging with class.

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