Teltonika Energy has released a multi-plate TeltoCharge

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June 14, 2023

As a company, Teltonika Energy has always prioritized the customizability and design of TeltoCharge. With our new release, users can now have one charger, with the option to change the front plate depending on their needs.


Front plates: Granite Brown, Burgundy, Accoya Wood, and Winter White.


The ability to change the front plate color allows users to adapt the charger to match the taste, EV, or exterior of a house, office, or other types of buildings. TeltoCharge was designed as a solution for home and semi-public charging.


Changing the front plate of TeltoCharge allows for space personalization according to preferences. Experiment with different color front plates, or easily update the look without needing major investments.


Should there be a demand for a different look, or if the user wishes to try a new front plate color, an additional front plate can be purchased and used with the multi-plate TeltoCharge.

The multi-plate TeltoCharge is the perfect solution when there's a need for customizability, personalization, and cost-effectiveness. It truly embodies the concept of 4 chargers in 1.


  • Socket and Cable
  • 4 front plate options: Granite Brown, Burgundy, Accoya Wood, and Winter White
  • Changeable front plate
  • 3 power options: 7.4 kW; 11 kW; 22 kW
  • Solar integration
  • Certified: CE, CB, RCM, ADQCC, SASO
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