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November 4, 2022

Taking the plunge and buying an EV is a commitment that many aspire to, but a few reservations hold some back. One common uncertainty is EV charging, with would-be adopters asking themselves, “where can I charge?”, “how much will charging cost me?” and “is it really worth charging my EV at home?”


With the growth of public EV charging infrastructure around the world, it is clear why some might think that they can do without their own setup. But when it comes to conveniently powering your EV, there really is no place like home.


If you have cast longing glances towards public EV charging stations at a shopping center, for example, and imagined yourself charging while you browse, it is important to remember that you are not the only one. Frequently, shopping centers built to accommodate hundreds or even thousands of shoppers will provide only three or four charging stations, meaning that you will need either a good slice of luck or the patience of a saint to secure a spot.

When charging at home, you are always sure of availability, as you have access to your own private EV charging station. This means that you will never be let down or disappointed that other people got there before you, and, crucially, you will never run out of charge because you were planning on filling up in a spot that turned out to be occupied.


For a few years, at the start of the EV revolution, adoption was incentivized through free-to-use public charging stations. While this certainly raised eyebrows and caused many otherwise hesitant buyers to purchase EVs, it is not practical that schemes like this can stay around forever. Some free EV charging points still exist, but sooner or later, they will cost you, and it is unlikely that they will be cheap when they do.

With your home EV charging station installed, however, you are in control of costs. For example, selecting electricity tariffs that enable you to charge at off-peak hours for a reduced price is a great way to save on energy bills and bring down the cost of charging your EV. Some high-end charging stations, such as TeltoCharge, come with inbuilt smart technology that keeps track of expenses, schedules optimal charging hours to save money, and uses dynamic load balancing to guarantee that your EV is charged safely. With this in mind, home EV charging – as well as being cheaper and safer than public charging – is often the more high-tech solution.


Where is the nearest public EV charging station to you? Unsure? Many are, and while a quick google will provide some access in a pinch, if you are in a remote location, it can be difficult to plan routes with charging in mind. This is where home charging stations really come to the fore: there is no need to look for a place to plug in, as 90% of the time, you are parked next to one.

This adds flexibility to your journeys as you do not have to consider charging points along the way while also removing the stress of having to locate conveniently situated access. There really is no substitute for the peace of mind afforded by the knowledge that your charging station is ready for you when you get home, with no need for you to scour local maps looking for somewhere to plug in.


Let’s assume that none of the above applies and you have found the perfect public charging station: it is free, it is conveniently located, and never busy. However, what guarantee do you have that it will stay this way or that it will continue to exist at all? Public charging stations are only as reliable as the developers or local councils that are responsible for their installation and are subject to the whims of relocation or removal at any time.

If you grow to depend on a public charging port for your convenience, you are never more than a day away from finding that your routine has been disrupted and your plans scuppered. When it comes to home EV charging setups, you can guarantee that your situation will never change unless you want it to, affording you a measure of reliability, control, and dependability that the public offering cannot match.


Home EV charging stations offer a convenient, future-proof, and always-available way of charging your EV that can be remarkably cost-effective in the long run. If you are considering buying an EV, the often talked-about charging headache can be easily resolved by contacting us and installing your perfect, custom-built home setup, saving you the hassle of planning out your journeys and ensuring that you are always charged.

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