We.EV Launches Home Charging Network on Teltonika Devices across New Zealand

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June 18, 2024

Hamilton, New Zealand 2024 - We.EV is rolling out fully installed smart chargers from global IoT leader Teltonika, making reliable, attractive home charging solutions accessible to EV drivers across New Zealand.


We.EV, a subsidiary of WEL Networks, is diversifying its charging offerings to include residential EV charging, helping balance demand on the national grid and enhancing electric fleet vehicle battery life.


Drivers of company vehicles in New Zealand can now gain the convenience of installing the same type of charger at home that they use at work.

The selection of Teltonika’s 7.4kW Teltocharge for its compact European design and reliability supports We.EV’s strategy to future-proof residential energy connections.

The smart charger’s app allows drivers to control what time of day to charge their EVs and whether to use grid or solar power.

We.EV is making the smart charger and installation available nationwide. The Teltocharge’s native solar integration means that drivers with home solar generation could potentially charge their car for free.

"With the introduction of fully installed Teltocharge smart chargers, We.EV is setting a new standard in home EV charging," says Sam Montgomerie, Product Manager at We.EV.

"Home charging is the most convenient way to charge an EV, while prolonging vehicle battery life and safeguarding the national grid as the country moves to more sustainable transport."


“Teltonika are delighted to extend our relationship with We.EV to enable home charging at scale.

Together with our partners, we're providing New Zealand drivers with a smart charger that’s straight forward to install, offers greater control over energy usage, and enhances the aesthetics of any home,” says Kes Grauslys, CEO of Teltonika Australia.

The Teltocharge features a swappable Accoya wood front plate and four additional color front plates.

Teltonika devices also enable We.EV’s commercial charging operations.

To learn more about TeltoCharge, visit teltonika-energy.com/products/teltocharge

To learn more about We.EV, visit we-ev.co.nz

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