TeltoCharge has received the UDT opinion document

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May 30, 2024

TeltoCharge, developed by Teltonika, has recently been granted an opinion document by UDT (Urząd Dozoru Technicznego), which allows the usage of TeltoCharge in public places for commercial purposes in Poland.


UDT (Office of Technical Inspection) is an institution appointed to conduct activities aimed at the safe operation of technical equipment in Poland. The main scope of UDT's activity is technical inspection, as defined by the provisions of the Act on technical inspection.

TeltoCharge can be used for both commercial and home charging

Our charger is equipped with OCPP 1.6, allowing seamless integration with over 15 of the most popular OCPP platforms for streamlined payment collection, remote control, and data gathering in one place.

Additionally, our EV Charger features dynamic load management (DLM), which optimizes power allocation based on the total available capacity and the number of vehicles charging simultaneously. This ensures efficient distribution of power among multiple chargers, minimizing the risk of overloading the electrical infrastructure.

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