December 30, 2021



Looking back on 2021, we can say with certainty that it was one of the most eventful years for Teltonika and one of the most successful ones as well. What can numbers tell us about our achievements this year?

Today, we are already a team of 2000 employees! 800 new talents joined us this year. Thanks to them, we were able to sell as many as 5 million products, and our turnover has grown by 92% since last year. Our profit centres launched 15 new IoT devices which will help other businesses grow and reach their goals. Let’s see what other things we have achieved.


At the end of 2021, just before Christmas, two miracles happened – Teltonika has opened two new offices: one in Kyiv, Ukraine, and another in Lima, Peru. Now we have 30 offices all over the world, and we will continue pursuing our mission to be closer to our clients in every region of the world.


Cooperation between business and science

This year, we established a public institution, Teltonika High-Tech Hill, to promote a closer relationship between business and science. The purpose of this institution is to help the Teltonika company group create a better learning environment for young talents and encourage them to choose careers in engineering and IT. 

Therefore, the Teltonika company group has signed cooperation agreements with several Lithuanian higher education institutions: Vilnius University, Vilnius Tech, Kaunas University of Technology, Vilnius University of Applied Sciences, Kaunas University of Applied Sciences, Kaunas University of Applied Engineering Sciences and Utena University of Applied Sciences. Together with universities, we will share our expertise, improve the technology study programs, contribute to joint scientific research and training of highly qualified specialists, and organise initiatives to attract students to engineering careers. 

Student scholarship program

One of such initiatives is Teltonika’s scholarship program. The goal of this program is to grant a €3000 scholarship (€300 a month) to as many as 500 first-year students who have chosen engineering or IT studies in Lithuanian universities. The program will run for five years, and the total investment in scholarships will amount to €1.5 million.

In 2021, 100 young talents out of 500 applicants were granted Teltonika’s €3000 scholarship. They demonstrated their strong desire to learn, grow, excel and develop future technologies. We look forward to receiving scholarship applications from first-year students of 2022. 

Laboratory equipment for VU Faculty of Physics

On December 22, Teltonika IoT Group donated the necessary equipment for Vilnius University Faculty of Physics laboratories. This equipment will be helpful for students of the Electronics and Telecommunications Technologies programme, who are working on their lab projects or theses.

By providing some of the latest equipment for the university, we aim to ensure that future electronics and telecommunications technology professionals receive the highest quality education possible.

Teltonika Technology Centre in Molėtai

At the beginning of 2021, we started the project of establishing a technology centre with offices, laboratories and production facilities in Molėtai, Lithuania. And now we are excited to announce that Teltonika Technology Centre will emerge as early as by the end of 2022. 

The main goals of this project are to provide the Molėtai region with attractive well-paid jobs that create high added value and to stimulate people’s interest in technologies and engineering careers. 

The recruitment for the technology centre has already started. In a very short time, 13 specialists have already become our first employees in Molėtai.


LINPRA forum at Teltonika

This year, the Teltonika company group made a strategically important step by becoming a member of LINPRA. This association represents the interests of the leading Lithuanian companies operating in the engineering and technology industry ecosystem. We believe that LINPRA’s wide network of partners will help us to establish more offices in remote regions all around the world and accelerate the development of new business niches.

As a member of LINPRA, Teltonika hosted an experience exchange forum on November 26. The main question discussed at the forum was how to secure production and the supply chain during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Visit of the Head of the Taipei Mission

In July, Head of the Taipei Mission to the Baltic States Mr Eric Huang visited Lithuania to meet with socially responsible businesses. During his visit, Mr Huang also came to Teltonika, where he discussed important cooperation matters with the President of Teltonika IoT Group Arvydas Paukštys, Head of Teltonika EMS Simas Rutkauskas, and Teltonika Telematics CEO Antanas Šegžda. 

Visit of the Minister of the Economy and Innovation

Next month, we had another important guest here, at Teltonika. The Lithuanian Minister of the Economy and Innovation visited our production facility and had a discussion with the president of the company group about the problems faced by businesses in Lithuania. 

The main focus of the meeting was the establishment of a semiconductor industry in Lithuania. Arvydas Paukštys emphasized that a semiconductor chip industry would help Lithuania become independent from external suppliers and bring as much as €2 billion of added value annually to the country.

Exhibitions in Minsk and Moscow

In 2021, Teltonika not only invited important guests over but also attended and even hosted conferences abroad. In April, our teams from Teltonika Networks, Teltonika Telematics and Teltonika Mobility presented their latest devices and innovations in the automation and electronics industry at the 24th international exhibition Automation and Electronics 2021 in Minsk. 

Later this year, partners had a chance to meet Teltonika Networks at the 33rd International Exhibition for Information and Communication Technology SVIAZ 2021. Meanwhile, Teltonika Telematics and Teltonika Mobility attended the 14th International Navigation Forum NAVITECH 2021. Both events took place at the same time in Moscow.

Teltonika Russia Summit 

On December 16, we were holding the Teltonika Russia Summit 2021 in Moscow. During this event, we met with our partners, introduced our newest devices in all the business niches and shared our best strategies.


Just recently, we have announced the Teltonika Racing team at the 2022 Dakar Rally. The Dakar is just around the corner, and we are eagerly waiting for our wonderful crew, with Vaidotas Žala as the driver and Paulo Fiuza as the co-driver, to start this extreme adventure! 

In the 2022 Dakar Rally, Vaidotas Žala’s Teltonika Racing team will participate in an improved MINI X-Raid. This time, the car will be equipped with a next-generation single turbo engine. After his first car tests in Lithuania, V. Žala was feeling very relieved and happy. He shared that no problems arose during testing and the car was running perfectly.

Right now, the team is already in Saudi Arabia, testing the car and all the equipment. So, let’s wish Vaidotas, Paulo and the whole Teltonika Racing crew a successful completion of the entire Dakar Rally route without any breakdowns and in good spirits! 


New division – Teltonika Energy

In November, we announced the beginning of a new division – Teltonika Energy. This division develops smart, reliable and affordable EV charging solutions. The first product line, called TeltoCharge, will feature premium quality, highly customizable, and easy-to-use electric vehicle chargers. 

The goal of Teltonika Energy is to become a global leader in smart electrification hardware and software solutions powered by renewable energy. Over the next couple of years, Teltonika Energy will build an entire product offering needed for EV charging infrastructure. And TeltoCharge is only the first step towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Teltonika Telematics

Teltonika Telematics has achieved spectacular results in terms of projects and new devices this year. The company has launched as many as 6 new products:

Two brand-new BLE connectivity-based accessories – Teltonika EYE Beacon and EYE Sensor


The EYE Beacon is designed to track the location of items of interest, while the EYE Sensor also allows tracking of multiple parameters, such as temperature, humidity, movement and magnet detection. Both devices feature a robust casing and long life-time battery. 


An updated and improved version of FMB640 – FMB641


A PROFESSIONAL category vehicle GPS tracker suitable for the most demanding applications, such as international and domestic logistics, agriculture, security and emergency services, and others. 


The first video telematics solution – Teltonika DualCam


An innovative combination of dual-camera and advanced GPS tracker. The device records view in both directions – the front and the back, providing invaluable information on traffic accidents. 

An innovative video solution – the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)


ADAS functionality warns the driver of potential collisions, errors and road accidents via a visual and sound alert on a small monitor. The footage is transmitted to a server and stored on a MicroSD card. 

Plug and Play tracker – FMP100


This quick-to-install device with 2G connectivity, Bluetooth, RGB LED and audio signal, and USB interface is ideal for insurance telematics, courier services, car rental or leasing, and other businesses. By pressing the button, the device can easily switch from work mode to private mode and send an alarm during an emergency. 

Teltonika Telematics presents these products as the new stars to be as successful as their bestselling tracker FMB120, which joined the 1 million club in June this year! Almost 1.5 million units have already been deployed since its launch in 2017. This versatile and reliable tracking device has constantly showed its remarkable benefits to clients and partners worldwide. 


The success of FMB120 rests on its extended feature set, outstanding quality and long lifetime – the qualities that are further enhanced in the family of FMx130 series devices. 

Along with the FMB120 device’s success, two other GPS trackers FMT100 and FMP100 appeared to be the top choices in Poland’s e-TOLL project. Poland recently introduced a mandatory toll collection system e-TOLL with a set of new regulations. To comply with the new rules in a convenient way, drivers and telematics service providers in Poland use a range of Teltonika Telematics tracking devices, which are certified for the use in e-TOLL. FMT100 and FMP100 trackers have proven to be particularly suitable because both devices can be installed and made available to use in a matter of minutes. 

Teltonika Networks

Teltonika Networks also finishes this year with impressive results and five new products in the portfolio. What are they?

The first Teltonika Networks home router – TCR100


This router is indeed special. The industrial designs’ harsher and more practical lines were replaced with more eye-pleasing aesthetics but with the same sturdy construction. The TCR100 has two mobile antenna connections, a SIM card slot and two Ethernet ports and can connect over 50 smart appliances and gadgets into a single network. A perfect IoT solution for a smart home. 

The RUT300 is an industrial Ethernet router designed by the newly established Ethernet & Wireless Product Division. This small but powerful router perfectly handles the challenges of industrial applications as well as everyday networking tasks.

The Industrial Mobile Router – RUT360. 


It is an updated version of Teltonika Networks’ all-time bestseller RUT240. This compact, secure and durable device connects to the Internet via cellular, WiFi, or wired connections. Small in size, BIG in performance! 

The TSW110 is a tiny plug-n-play network switch that requires no additional configuration and has five 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet ports. While being sturdy enough for industrial environments, this switch will easily fit into any electronic box or server cabinet. 

The newest member of the most potent RUTX series – RUTX14


This device can satisfy the requirements of the neediest application thanks to such next-gen features as Carrier Aggregation and Load Balancing. The RUTX14 LTE-A Cat12 dual SIM cellular router provides a lightning-speed connection of up to 600 Mbps for downloads and up to 150 Mbps for uploads. 

With so many years of experience in the industry, Teltonika Networks decided to share its expertise and knowledge with partners in an efficient way. The company developed a special certification program for sales professionals and technical staff. This program allows partners to gain all necessary product information, learn how to provide the best solutions for their customers, solve their problems effectively, and become true Teltonika Networks product experts. The program is held in a format of live training sessions and has already received a lot of positive feedback.

Teltonika Mobility

For Teltonika Mobility, the year of 2021 started with some major changes. The division was rebranded and renamed from Teltonika Smart Autonomous Solutions to Teltonika Mobility to better reflect the division’s identity. 

This year, Teltonika Mobility finally launched the highly-anticipated ASSET TRACKER EASY (TAT100), which became a bestselling product in just 3 months. This device serves as a multi-layered solution ensuring high-quality monitoring and control of valuable assets. ASSET TRACKER EASY allows fast data transmission from sensors as well as sends regular reports on asset location. 


To protect this tracking solution and its unique technological idea, Teltonika Mobility submitted an international patent application (PCT) in the World Intellectual Property Organization. This is the first patent application of such scale in the Teltonika company group. 

Another device launched by Teltonika Mobility in 2021 was E-Bike Tracker EASY (EMB100). 


It is the smallest device ever created by Teltonika and one of the smallest and the most advanced bike monitoring solutions on the market. This tracker offers a wide range of configuration options and supports the most popular bike brands. 

Not only your bike can be monitored but also your electric scooter. In 2021, Teltonika Mobility partnered with some of the key manufacturers of electric scooters: Govecs, VMOTO SOCO, SEGWAY and FITRIDER. This partnership will provide more flexibility and more useful features for the end customers.

Teltonika Telemedic

Teltonika Telemedic continues actively working on two main projects: the artificial pulmonary ventilator and the medical smartwatch. The designs of these two devices have already been approved, and both of them have entered a new stage of development. 

Currently, the team is working on the updated and even more advanced version of the artificial lung ventilator – TeltoMed 2 (DPV200). The company has also submitted a patent application for this device.

With regard to the TeltoHeart Watch1, the medical smartwatch that detects atrial fibrillation, it is continuously being improved based on suggestions from medical professionals. The company has already carried out a study on functionality and customer needs and completed clinical trials with Lithuanian universities, which have shown the device’s extremely high accuracy – as high as 99.2%. The release of TeltoHeart Watch1 is planned for the next year.

Teltonika EMS

Without a doubt, the highlight of this year for Teltonika EMS was achieving a new production record – 500 000 manufactured devices in a month, while in 2020, this number was only 250 000. 

Such results wouldn’t be possible without the ever-growing and stronger Teltonika EMS team and the advanced technologies adapted at the production site. In 2021, an integrated selective soldering system and two assembly lines for RUT series and FM series devices were installed. 

To help the packaging robot Pack-Man do its work more effectively, Teltonika EMS installed another helping robot for “him”. Teltonika EMS followers on LinkedIn helped the company to choose the name for the new assisting robot – Pack-Sis. With two robots, the packing productivity increased four times.

What’s also worth mentioning, since the beginning of summer, Teltonika EMS uses only certified green energy in the production.


In the next 10 years, the Teltonika company group is planning to implement 14 projects to accelerate the growth, find new talents and be able to help even more employees and partners. The total investment amounts to €3.7 billion, and some of the projects have already started. Here’s what you can expect in 10 years’ time:

  1. Teltonika Technology Centre, Molėtai, Lithuania. Project duration: 2021–2022. Project value: €34 million.
  2. Teltonika IoT Group main office, Vilnius, Lithuania. Project duration: 2021–2023. Project value: €26 million.

3. Electronic assembly plant, Vilnius, Lithuania. Project duration: 2022–2023. Project value: €47 million.

4. Teltonika High-Tech Hill, Vilnius, Lithuania. Project duration: 2022–2025. Project value: €220 million.

5. Plastic parts manufacturing facility, Vilnius, Lithuania. Project duration: 2023–2024. Project value: €15 million.

6. PCB factory, Vilnius, Lithuania. Project duration: 2023–2025. Project value: €100 million.

7. Teltonika High-Tech Hill, Kaunas, Lithuania. Project duration: 2023–2025. Project value: €90 million.

8. Electronic assembly factory, Kaunas, Lithuania. Project duration: 2026–2027. Project value: €45 million.

Semiconductor industry in Lithuania

  1. Semiconductor chip development laboratories, Vilnius, Lithuania. Project duration: 2024–2026. Project value: €100 million.
  2. Semiconductor assembly and testing facility, Vilnius, Lithuania. Project duration: 2026–2028. Project value: €450 million.
  3. Semiconductor fabrication plant, Vilnius, Lithuania. Project duration: 2028–2031. Project value: €2 100 million.
  4. Silica sand refinement for chip production – feasibility study. Project duration: 2032–2033. Project value: €500 million.

Teltonika’s education institutions

To help young people acquire technological knowledge faster and in an exciting way, we are planning to establish a technological school for 1–12 grade students and a technological profile kindergarten. Both projects are still in feasibility study, but we are planning to implement them by 2026. 

We aim to encourage creativity in children, create unique programmes with plenty of technological activities, promote high value-added professions in Lithuania and contribute to solving the problem of the lack of kindergartens in Vilnius.

Summing up

In 10 years, Teltonika will add €2 billion to Lithuania’s GDP every year. More than 8 000 workers in Lithuania will receive competitive European wages, averaging more than €5 000. From 2030 onwards, we will invest more than €200 million annually in R&D activities to raise Lithuania in the rankings to the level of the most advanced countries.

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